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Homemade whipped cream is one of the easiest things you can add to your kitchen arsenal… it’s quick to make with simple ingredients you likely already have, and omits the less-than-ideal additives often found in store-bought whipped cream. My very favorite is this homemade maple vanilla bean whipped cream… I think you’ll love it too!

How To Make Whipped Cream from Scratch

  1. Gather your super simple ingredients
  2. Pour them all in the bowl of your mixer
  3. Mix until fluffy!
  4. Enjoy on dessert, in your coffee, or by the spoonful.


heavy cream, vanilla bean, maple syrup and kitchenmaid mixer on the counter


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • heavy whipping cream (organic, local dairy farm if possible, and try to look for one that is grass-fed with NO added ingredients; heavy cream only)
  • organic maple syrup
  • vanilla (we use THIS vanilla bean powder every single day for a myriad of different things! Our first bag lasted us three whole years)
  • mixer (stand mixer is wonderful, but a hand mixer like this one works just as well!)


supplies for making maple vanilla whipped cream


1/4 teaspoon of vanilla bean powder


whipped cream supplies; maple syrup, mixer, vanilla bean powder and heavy cream


How to make maple vanilla whipped cream:

  1. Pour in your heavy cream (1 cup)
      • If you’ll need to store some and won’t use it all right away, then make sure you have a mason jar handy to put in the fridge… or a fancy whipped cream dispenser.
  2. Pour in your vanilla extract or powder  (1-1/2 tsp)
      • If using the vanilla bean powder, you’ll want to use half the amount. It’s extra potent! I used 1/4 tsp.
  3. Pour in your maple syrup  (1/4 cup)
  4. Mix on medium-high until it begins to whip up. Be sure not to over whip, or you’ll end up with butter… which actually sounds really delicious too!


close up shot of the cream being whipped


maple vanilla whipped cream mixing in the kitchenaid


Look for the peaks and that extra creamy look! You don’t want it to be runny, but also don’t want it to become butter. Light, fluffy, and creamy is what we’re aiming for. Grab a spoon, and have a taste!

We thoroughly enjoy plopping a dollop on our Homemade Nourishing Hot Chocolate or even on our Iced Mocha for a nice afternoon treat. Maple Vanilla Whipped Cream is subtly sweet, but not overbearing, making it the perfect topping for nearly anything; waffles, ice cream, berry biscuits…

One of the best things about homemade whipped cream, is you nearly always have these items on hand, so if you’re going to buy whipped cream from the store — forego the pre-made, and grab a carton or bottle of heavy cream instead.

You’ll be so glad to have this simple, yet amazing topping in your back pocket. Or in your fridge at all times, whatever works for you 😉


freshly made whipped cream on iced mocha


Be sure to save this on Pinterest to come back to, and feel free to share and tag me on Instagram too! I always adore seeing what I can encourage you guys to make from scratch!


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