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I first learned about the importance of a bedtime snack and nourishing hot chocolate by following and gleaning from Kori Meloy, Noelle Kovary and all they share on their accounts… then later, from grabbing a Fallon’s Table meal plan. In the beginning days over a year ago of learning and trying to heal my metabolism and hormones, I began implementing raw milk and then began having a nightly hot chocolate to help with my sleep and even nighttime milk production.

But I digress… you’re here for hot chocolate goodness so let’s just dive in!

First, I highly recommend checking out and finding a local farmer to grab raw milk and cream from. I use all the same ingredients from my iced coffee, but I forego the espresso and use the frother to mix it all together and warm it, which also froths it all making it super creamy and delicious. You could easily add in the espresso for a coffee treat, too though! I do often on chilly mornings instead of making my iced mocha.

Top with some homemade whipped cream and YUM. Filling, nutrient-packed goodness that will help you sleep better and restore your metabolism. Win-win!

Here’s what ya need:

Okay so gather your ingredients, then throw it all in gradually and mix. That’s it, ha! Pour into your favorite mug and enjoy. Top with homemade whip, or homemade mallows, and a sprinkle of organic ceylon cinnamon and cozy up under beeswax candlelight, setting the tone for bedtime.

It really is the best.


You can find all my favorite jars and kitchen items here! 🙂

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