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Once you decide which presets you love, hit purchase, and go through the checkout process!


Then, you’ll head over to check your email inbox and grab your download.


Open the step-by-step instruction guide and follow the instructions to enjoy your new preset!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are presets?

Presets are an easy way to edit your everyday and/or pro photos! Like a filter but even better because you have way more control over little details… but can also be as easy as a one-click edit. Presets are essentially pre-saved settings for photos to make them all look similarly edited, with minimal adjustments needed after being applied.

Which preset collection(s) should I get?

This is completely dependent on you and what style you like/want! I personally change up my style all the time, so I like to switch it up often, but you can narrow down what feels most *you* — warm, vibrant, muted, neutral, true to color, cozy and airy, moody, etc. — and then go from there! You can read the description of each collection directly on the listing.

Can we test photos first?

Sure! Send an email with a couple high-res unedited images, and let us know what collection you’re interested in! Email [email protected].

Why don’t my photos look like ___ with the same edits?

Everyone has different aspects to their photos. Composition, lighting, home lighting, tones, outdoor vs indoor, natural indoor vs natural outdoor, a million different greens in the world, skin tones, home decor, and the list goes on! Unless you’re taking the exact same photo with the exact same environmental factors and the exact same camera or phone settings, everyone will be unique, and that’s an awesome thing.

Got a new or updated phone, and my presets are gone! What do I do?

That happens! Adobe has changed a lot of things overtime since we first launched presets. One thing being, in order to save all your photos and presets within your account, you do have to pay for the subscription. I personally highly recommend it and find it is worth it. I have 80k photos in my camera roll alone, so not having to sift through to find my Lightroom edited images and have my presets saved is huge! I’ve never had a single issue with my app in the last three years since it’s been out. Definitely recommend! But please just shoot us an email with your order number, and we can send you a refreshed link. We then recommend saving the files to your cloud so that even if you get a new phone, your goods will be saved!