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How it Works


My presets are made for the free Lightroom app, if you have the paid version, you can also use them to edit videos. Take a peek at each listing to see which collection suits you best. Be sure to look at the before & afters AND the full listing description. Once you decide which presets you love, hit purchase!


All purchases are made through Etsy, and it’s best to be signed in to your Etsy account. Your download may take up to an hour to fully process. Be patient! You should receive an email from Etsy, but if not, the download will be available through in your account purchases.


Open the download through Etsy, and first go through the step-by-step download guide, following the instructions to enjoy your new presets! Please SAVE your file somewhere permanent, but don’t share with anyone else! Use our hashtag #ourkinandhomepresets on Instagram and share the love!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are presets?

Presets are an easy way to edit your everyday and/or pro photos! Like a filter but even better because you have way more control over little details… but can also be as easy as a one-click edit. Presets are essentially pre-saved settings for photos to make them all look similarly edited, with minimal adjustments needed after being applied.

Which preset collection(s) should I get?

This is completely dependent on you and what style you like/want! I personally change up my style all the time, so I like to switch it up often, but you can narrow down what feels most *you* — warm, vibrant, muted, neutral, true to color, cozy and airy, moody, etc. — and then go from there! You can read the description of each collection directly on the listing.

I’ve been using Idlewild on all my photos (phone and camera), for the last several months. They’re my favorite edits I’ve created in a long time. They’re very vintage, nostalgic, and grainy feeling.

You may prefer a more “clean” look, so you may prefer something different. There are options for everyone!

Can we test photos first?

Not at this time.

Why don’t my photos look like someone with the same presets?

Everyone has different aspects to their photos. Composition, lighting, home lighting, tones, outdoor vs indoor, natural indoor vs natural outdoor, a million different greens in the world, skin tones, home decor, and the list goes on! Unless you’re taking the exact same photo with the exact same environmental factors and the exact same camera or phone settings, everyone will be unique, and that’s an awesome thing.

Got a new or updated phone, and my presets are gone! What do I do?

We do not have access to orders from our previous brand (honeywild), old website, or presets purchased outside of Etsy.

It is always highly suggested saving your presets somewhere permanent in the case your phone has issues and wipes your purchased presets.

The file is yours, be sure to save it! It is a good practice to have your files safely backed up on a physical hard drive or a cloud storage service.

We switched to Etsy so that you can *always* access your files, without needing a new link. When you purchase from Etsy, your files live within your purchases. Any additional help, Etsy is able to help with! Highly recommend purchasing while signed into an Etsy account for easiest access moving forward.

It is NOT okay to share these files. Legal action will be taken if necessary.