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A digital and printable guide packed full with real life stories, realistic homemaking ideas, and gentle encouragement to honoring God in creating a home you enjoy. All while learning how to create healthy habits, rhythms, routines, and cultivating genuine connection with the people you love — with simple and practical tools to help you imperfectly create sustainable rhythms and routines in your own home, with your own family, in your own ways.

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What It’s All About


Seeking beauty in the ordinary, fostering a love for the monotonous tasks given to us, keeping God’s truth at the forefront of everything we put our hands to, and finding goodness in every corner of our life. Offering joy and hospitality with the actual homes we have.

Healthy habits & sustainable rhythms

Creating realistic daily and weekly plans for yourself with daily habits and daily house tasks, and leaving space to be intentionally focused on connecting with your children, all with purpose of stewarding what God gives us, well.

practical home management

Our work in scheduling, homemaking, bedtimes, lesson planning, child discipling, grocery shopping, diaper changing are all done in vain if not for the glory of God. Let’s dive deep into how we can practically manage the homes He’s blessed us with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a hardcopy book?

Not yet! We are working on offering those this Summer, but in the meantime we’ve made it as affordable as possible to be able to print as needed (a few pages at a time, or only print the printable pages) at home or your local printer.

Are the editable templates different from what's in the e-book?

Everything that’s included in the e-book is ALSO included in the templates pack… but with many more! PLUS, the templates are editable so you can customize as needed for you and your family’s needs. The ones included in the book are made to be totally usable right away and I’ve made them to be fairly generic (while also beautiful) so that anyone can make use of them right away.

How many pages are in the e-book?

Over 140 pages of reading material AND printable pages for immediate use.

Do you cover homeschooling or recipes in this book?

Not in Making a Home… but things are in the works for other exciting works later this year 😉

How do I download the book?

Just click the link to my shop and it will take you straight to Etsy to download. I highly recommend being sure you’re signed in with an active Etsy account so you can access it later on. Be sure to read the download page upon downloading! That will give clear instructions for how to use!

How do I use the editable templates?

When you download your file from Etsy, click where it says “read me first” and that walks you through how to use them! Just be sure that you’re signed into your active Etsy account, and then be sure that you’re also signed into an active Canva account.