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Mary has been journaling in diaries since she first knew how to write. She took her first disposable camera to church camp one summer in 1998, and the rest is history. She never stopped writing and her love for photography only grew.

Together, DJ and Mary quickly partnered in music, photography and other creative endeavors. Over the years, we’ve morphed our creative outlets into different avenues, but eventually we landed here, sharing Our Kin & Home.

Through visual storytelling, our hope is to encourage other young families, creatives, and couples to slow down, seek simplicity, and find beauty in the mundane. Cultivating an appreciation for creating with our hands, and ridding ourselves of the desire for instant gratification.

We hope you come and then leave inspired to try new things, get out of your comfort zone, and seek a slower, more intentional lifestyle.

Thank you for being here!

We’re the Salas Family

Pronounced like Salsa, but switch the last two letters. Sahl-us. We love to try new things in the kitchen, simplify our life, and share about all that God teaches us through finding beauty in the mundane.

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A Few Things You Might Not Know


We were both born and raised in Northern California, and spent four years in Washington where we bought our first home, and where we really grew up into adulthood. We’re now settling down in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


We believe in biblical parenting, and an overall holistic, wholesome lifestyle. We are walking through our first years of homeschooling, tiny living with littles, and teaching our children foundational Truth.


We’re big on food, over here. We enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, trying to replicate dishes we had in our city foodie days, and anything simple and old fashioned. Making everything from scratch is our favorite!


We have both been in the creative industry for over a decade. Daniel’s creative endeavors and talents were paused during military life, but we’ve always done photography, music, and visual storytelling side-by-side.


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A Family Journal

And Other Musings