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I saw several reels of these angels going around Instagram, and showed my girls how darling they were… so we went to hobby lobby and had them choose some Chrismassy paper for the angels. We already had twine, a hot glue gun, and then we grabbed some wooden beads for the head.

First, cut your paper in half, or thirds, or really however which way you’d like. Just be sure it’s rectangular. Fold your paper in half, and then accordion fold it both ways, so that it’s evenly folded. Then cut on that original half-way crease, just under half way down. Fold each side down, creating the arms.

Gently glue the arms down on both sides, and press until cooled. Glue the center together to keep the full bodice from separating.

Next you’ll glue on the wooden bead for the head, and the twine for the halo. You can also glue the twine directly into the bead hole to create ornaments. We used ours around the home as decor and so wanted them to appear more as a halo. We also made smaller ones, glueing down the crease of the twine rather than the ends, so that we can tie onto gifts.

Overall, I’d say this is not a kid-friendly craft, ha! I learned that the hard way by burning my finger tips on the hot glue multiple times. However, it didn’t stop me from making more because we all adore them so much! I did have the girls help me fold a few, and they enjoyed that. Mostly, they loved deciding where to hang them all 😉

Highly recommend making these darling angels. I plan to store these and hope they last for years to come. Although the girls didn’t necessarily help too much this time, they still loved being part of the process, and had hot cocoa while I made them. As they grow older, I’m sure they’ll be making them on their own, which I find to be really special.

Be sure to tag me if you try them out! I can’t wait to see all of yours, and grab ideas for myself for next year!

Merry Christmas!

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