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Creating baby boy’s little space has been one of my favorite home projects, to date! It’s simple, classic and truly brings so much joy. It’s the smallest room in our 1400 square foot house, and makes for the perfect nursery. I wanted the room to feel timeless and also more boyish, since the rest of our house is fairly feminine.

For behind the scenes of how we put together the accent wall, visit my Instagram highlight here. We used the color Groundwater by Sherwin Williams, and I feel it’s such a calming, peaceful, true blue and really makes the space feel the way I desired. I am so happy with how it turned out.

We did our own flooring and it’s held up really well! So far no major complaints for the price and work it took and the money and time we saved by doing it the way we did. I love how since it’s not a very bright room, the white floors help make it feel more airy without having to bust a hole in the wall for more sunlight 😉

We partnered with Pottery Barn Kids, and they sent us the Paxton Rocking Chair, Mid Century Crib, and Nook Organic Mattress. The chair is incredibly comfy, which is such a relief as DJ and I are both fairly tall. Being able to nurse and rock him to sleep with a taller chair back is a huge plus for us. We really love it!

The crib mattress is super supportive, sturdy and the cover is surprisingly soft. It’s all-organic which was a very important factor for me, as baby sleeps in here with his face breathing in whatever the mattress is made of. Not only is it free of harsh chemicals and toxins, it’s purely made and that makes me feel so much better about having him sleep in his crib for naps.

I just really love how this simple, small space turned out. I feel it can easily evolve for the remainder of our time in this home and isn’t so trendy that I’ll grow tired of the look in a couple months. I hope we can inspire you for a quaint, classic nursery that you can create yourself, too!

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