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A month or so before baby boy joined us, we decided to switch around the bedrooms. We made the official master bedroom with ensuite bathroom into the girls’ bed and play room, and made one of the other smaller bedrooms into our master, and the smallest bedroom into the nursery for baby boy. We honestly weren’t even sure that our king size bed would fit in the little room, but it did, and now it’s been several months, and we have no regrets about the switch!

The girls room has lots of space for both sleeping and play. They have their own bathroom making potty breaks quick and easy. Bath night and bedtime transition goes a whole lot more smoothly. All around it was just a really rad decision that felt strange initially but also just made so much more sense. We’re literally only ever in our room to sleep and be married, so having the biggest room for a bed and laundry piles felt silly. It’s all working out really well!

Just as baby was joining us, I felt really pulled to switch out all of our mattresses. We knew that Rudy would be co-sleeping with us, and I just really wanted to be sure that our mattress wasn’t going to be filled with toxins or other unknown materials. Enter in, Avocado Mattress.

We went with the king size organic, avocado green mattress with attached pillow top. I have to be honest. We have had memory foam mattresses for the past five years, so I was slightly nervous making the switch to a totally different kind of mattress feel, but it felt like the right choice.

The Avocado Green Mattress is GREENGUARD Gold Certified — and made with natural and organic materials, including GOLS organic certified latex from co-owned farmers’ collectives and a co-owned processing facility in India, operating under the USDA National Organic Program; GOTS organic and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified wool from a farmers’ society we also co-own; and GOTS organic certified cotton. Our non-toxic green bed combines the finest natural cushioning with an internal, zoned, pressure-point support system for proper back support and extended durability. They even made a new Vegan Mattress without wool that is PETA-approved. Our pillow-top is permanently attached, adding 2 more inches of gentle organic latex for added pressure relief & luxury. For a removable pillow-top, consider a mattress topper.

Not only are the ethics of avocado top notch, the quality of the materials are excellent, award winning, and after four months with ours, I can truly say we genuinely love it so much.

I wanted to wait and be able to share a genuine review… coming from someone who had extreme back/shoulder aches and pains, and now even while co-sleeping and nursing all night, my quality of sleep is so much better. Not to mention the lack of toxic chemicals.

Overall, I just wanted to share that we feel this mattress will last us for years and years to come. We opted to snag the organic waterproof mattress cover as well, to protect the investment of our mattress and keep baby blowouts and spit up from staining it.

Highly recommend the avocado mattresses.

Our mattress and pillows were gifted in exchange for genuine review and photography. All product choices and opinions are completely our own.

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