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We’ve been using our non-toxic, non-stick cookware set from Caraway for well over a year now, and I cannot shout their praises enough. We absolutely love our pots and pans. They truly are non-stick, they clean up so easily and we’ve had no issues with staining.

I am so impressed with our set, and pleasantly surprised that a full year and a half later, they still look so wonderful. We use wood or silicone cooking utensils — never silverware or metal utensils, so the inner pans are not scratched whatsoever.

On the outside, we’ve had some spills, grease, and who-knows-what burn onto the outer pan underneath, and we easily scrubbed it off with some barkeepers friend. I love the organizational aspect that Caraway so thoughtfully curated with their sets. We are so pleased with our set, and you can get your own, with $25 off using this link.

Hope you love!

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