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When we moved into a camper and sold our house, we also sold almost all of our dishes. We kept a myriad of handmade ones that I love, and that was it. I still love them, but we also broke several in our cross-country move and with them being the only dishes we had, I wanted them to last. I didn’t want to replace our handmade dishes because they’re so special, but we did want to have family-every-day-usage-and-also-have-enough-for-company-friendly dishes… so in steps Fable. Now that we’ve had our tableware for over a year… I can honestly say…. we thoroughly enjoy them. From the slim lines making it easy to stack in our shelves, to being lightweight without feeling flimsy, all of their pieces are *chefs kiss* …just so lovely.


We have their base dinnerware set x2 (so 8 of each), and then we’ve added 4 mugs, 4 dessert bowls (our favorite for yogurt, or oatmeal), 4 little bowls (excellent for dips, or marcona almonds or chocolate chips for a charcuterie board), 8 dessert plates (we love to use these for any game nights or book clubs with friends where we have charcuterie and dessert… the perfect plate to sample a little of everything, and then go back for more). We have two sets of the tall glasses, and one set of the small glasses. We plan on adding wine glasses to our menagerie soon, too!

Although I do think they offer such gorgeous color options for their dishes (I especially think their Beachgrass Green and Desert Taupe are lovely) I went with the Speckled White because I love speckled things, and felt the white was the right choice that I could pair with any color or pattern for tablescapes… like so:

We have one set of Polished Silver flatware that lives in our drawer, and goes through the dishwasher nearly every single day. We have two sets of Matte Gold for hosting. I think both are timeless and lovely and love that they’re stainless steel. My husband likes his forks and spoons to feel like they have some weight to them, without feeling heavy, yet not feeling too lightweight, like it could bend easily… and these pass his tests. I don’t know if he performed actual tests, but he likes them, and he’s picky apparently.

Their glassware is also a huge hit! Super lightweight, clean lines, and shatter resistant. Our children unload the dishwasher each morning, and there’s been a time or two where a glass has fallen and did not even crack. Nice to hold, even better that I don’t have to stress.

Overall we are very impressed with our Fable tableware. We truly have no complaints, and are so thankful to have them filling our cupboards and helping feed lots of bellies.

You can shop for your own collection HERE and use code OURKINANDHOME10 for savings, at checkout.

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