I find so much joy creating art from behind the lens. Capturing the in-between moments in lifestyle imagery. Focusing on the subtle, in-between moments, often lost throughout our days. Real life moments captured… you’ll look back on forever and cherish deeply. Relishing in the now — photographing small touches, glimpses of small joys, and deep connection…. bits of your life that you’ll never want to forget.

Appreciating the textures, tones, and natural elements in still-life branding and interior photography.

Serving out of Tulsa, Oklahoma and surrounding areas.


Seasonal Petite Sessions

Seasonally I will offer a day or two of back to back sessions for families who want updated photos. These sessions are at a specified location, allowing for posed and candid shots, and are up to thirty minutes.

Typically, these work best for families under six people, as the more people being photographed, the more time should be allotted to allow for intentional connection and attention.

These sessions are ideal for those wanting to update their wall frames, holiday cards, or social photos. They are curated to the season, while still allowing me the ability to utilize natural light and capturing organically.

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Homestead & Family

The days are long, but the years are so short. Let’s capture those precious in-between moments that too easily get forgotten, in and around your own home, or a place that is significant to you and your family.

I’ll come to your location, and allow for an hour or so to organically tell the story of your family in your own element. We’ll snuggle your newborn, adventure around your garden and livestock, feed your chickens or bake cookies together in your kitchen.

Let’s tell the story of your life as it is right now, through imagery that will be captured and cherished forever. You will adore looking back on these moments with deep fondness.

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Brand Content Creation

Let’s partner together! I love to work with wholesome brands, local designers, and local companies who focus on natural elements and overall holistic wellness for the home.

From home goods, to interior design, or kitchen and wellness products with non-toxic and ethical practices; it is my joy to create curated content for your use on your own channels, or to help promote to my audience.

I curate the content based on needs and natural light available to me, and work to make the products or location look effortlessly enjoyed. I can work with your products in my own home, or come to your local location.

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