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Full, personal, not-sponsored review on the cloud-like Sundays Movie Night Sectional. Spoiler: it really is like a cloud! We had our Sundays-Furniture Movie Night Sectional for a whole year before we ended up downsizing for RV life and then moving across the country… we often talk about how much we miss this couch! It truly was the best.

We had the 5-Piece Modular Movie Night sectional in the Light Pebble linen and it was wonderful. I originally thought I’d wanted the Brie option (which is white), and ultimately decided I wanted a bit more contrast from our white walls and thought the Pebble would be more realistic with kiddos.

The cushion covers can all zip off, and we have 100% taken them off and thrown in our washing machine despite the tags saying to dry clean only. I typically air dry by hanging them over our dining chairs and then throwing them all on low heat in the dryer just to soften them up. We had no issues whatsoever! It truly didn’t pill like many sofas can do, but a couple times I did take a sweater comb or de-fuzzer to the cushions we used a bit extra, just to liven it up a bit.

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed I rearrange a lot. I’ve done this since I was probably 12 years old… I’ve always appreciated being able to change up a space simply by moving things around that you already have in the home or room.

Having a modular sectional has been fantastic! I don’t feel stuck in having the L only on one side or the other. I could even take the chaise portion off altogether and place it in a different area if I wanted (I have already done this at one point).

The only thing we’ve changed is the feet. DJ and I are both fairly tall… so we did buy taller sofa feet to bring it up off the ground a bit, which also allows our roomba to vacuum under the couch. I prefer the look of the original legs the couch comes with, but we needed to be a bit more practical.

Overall; yep. 100% recommend this sofa! They came out with the condo-sized Movie Night Sectional after we purchased ours, but we went from being worried ours was too big to being soooooo thrilled that we went with the size we did. The cushions are ALL down… so basically like sitting on, laying on, leaning against pillows. It’s wonderful.

I will say, the ottoman is a ton larger than we were expecting. We store ours sometimes because it just takes up a lot of space and our living room is already pretty crammed as it is. We are not in our forever home here, but we did do our best to make it work in our smaller space.

This sectional is like a super cozy, soft, comfiest-ever cloud you just want to dive into. It is crazy comfortable and is amazing for families, and having company over to lounge with. Our family from out of state came to stay a weekend and we didn’t have a guest room so we pushed the ottoman to the center and created a mega-bed.

They all loved it!

Definitely recommend it! Check out the sectional here (not a commissionable link).

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