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I sent along a very long email to subscribers this week, with some overall life updates and such… but I figured this portion of the newsletter may as well have it’s own place here.

I genuinely cannot believe I’m saying this… BUT, we have figured out a way to offer some of our old presets for sale! I have received countless emails weekly asking about presets, and I truly never knew how to respond. Every which way my husband and I discussed it, it just never added up to be worth the cost.
We really disliked how it felt like I was holding these hostage, and many didn’t understand why. For so long in years past, there was SO much behind the scenes with how things had to run, it felt like an impossible mountain to keep up with, while also maintaining my role at home as first priority. The time, money, and energy spent into running the business aspect of something we never even expected when we first listed presets for sale back in 2018, just wasn’t something we could continue on doing.


We finally reached out to some close friends and asked for input and advice on what to do moving forward. We felt badly that we had to constantly tell everyone no or “never again.” While also feeling firm in our convictions to not run a big business, especially one that keeps me too busy to homeschool, and care for our home and family.
After a lot of discussions with several different people, we realized that Etsy would likely obliterate almost all of the issues we had been dealing with for years (even on totally different websites, with completely different shop operations).
We do not have any plans of coming out with new presets as it’s simply not something I’m passionate about, nor do I have the time to do so… BUT we found a way to offer the ones that are constantly asked for, while still keeping true to our family and priorities coming first. We are doing so in a way that will truly and genuinely be PASSIVE and not take up loads of time, energy, and so much more the way it did in the past.


So Our Kin & Home Presets are back! I won’t be sharing or promoting them like I did in years past, we will not be doing any photo testing… but they exist, and they are available for purchase again. If you or your friend has been anxiously awaiting, they’re ready for ya!
We hope that this is a blessing, and we also plan to add some little home and homeschool printables to the shop in the near future, which will be fun and I’m honestly so excited about!
You can officially shop for Our Kin & Home Presets HERE! There are also direct links to them, from our SHOP page in the menu 🙂

Unfortunately, we still do not have access to any old orders on our old website, and cannot re-send links since we truly shut everything down, including ability to retrieve any orders or files that were previously attainable. This is one huge element that Etsy will be mightily helpful with avoiding for all future orders, as any digital purchases will be forever accessible through your Etsy account.

Infant Sleeping in Blanked with Pacifier Before Preset Infant Sleeping in Blanked with Pacifier After Preset


I mostly edit very subtly, and rarely ever post my phone images to my Instagram feed, however, my personal favorites for very natural, organic-style edits are Timeless (first launched in 2020, and now includes a few favorites from last Fall’s Countryside set), Wander, and Casita. I certainly use those the most!

TIMELESS is grainy, cozy, natural and warm. I really love this collection!

WANDER was intended for outdoor, however can also work beautifully for indoor images.

CASITA was designed very specifically for indoor, based on how greens and other tones come through.

Wander and Casita are like sister presets. Very similar, and can easily create a cohesive gallery of photos, but look quite different indoor vs outdoor. I love both of these together! But also beautiful on their own. Both are low contrast, soft whites, and calming tones overall.

HONEY has always been one of the most popular, as it holds the best presets from our Honeywild days (first launched in 2018)… very creamy, muted, and more stylized presets.

KINDRED being a close second in popularity! Similar with creamy feels, but overall a much more versatile collection that has a lot of versatility with edits.



Again, we hope this is all a blessing to you, as well as being passive support for our family. We have no intentions of running a full time business in our current season of life. We are confident the Lord has called us to a slower pace than we’ve been running for years, and are also hopeful that the little things we can offer will benefit all who choose to support us. We’re thankful for you! Our family is blessed by the community we’ve been surrounded with, both in real life and virtually.

Feel free to give our new Etsy Shop a follow/heart/favorite and be sure to subscribe to emails below. My last emails were 3 months apart, so I can assure you, I do not send out spam 😉

Soli Deo Gloria,

Mary, DJ, and family

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