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In this post, I’ll be sharing about our plans for morning time this homeschool year. Initially, I had a lot more elaborate plans. The more I discussed with other homeschool moms who have been doing this a while, and have kids older than mine, the more I realized I needed to simplify in order to not feel overwhelmed as we begin this amazing journey. The curriculum we’re following, (all details can be found in this post) uses a weekly grid, and the first thing for each day is “Bible.” This first part of the day on the curriculum grid includes singing hymns, scripture memory, poetry, and theology reading. So honestly, it’s really simple to basically break that down, and add in your own elements to incorporate Bible being the first subject of the day, as well as a solid morning time.

I also want to share that along with what I’ve shared in this post, you can also take a look at this post, as I found it very helpful in figuring out a structure and overall household elements we need to be able to accomplish in the mornings, as well.

Why do we incorporate a morning time basket?

We do a dedicated morning time basket, because it’s the first and most important to us things we want to be sure we accomplish every single day. It helps create solid habits of reading Scripture daily, and making it a family experience. This is dedicated time together as a family, where everyone is learning the same subjects at the same time. It’s a part of the day that can remain consistent even as the kids grow older and branch into different learning styles, academic goals, and more. The morning time basket acts as a catalyst for a successful day, and for us, the most important as we focus on Jesus at the very start. The physical basket is helpful in creating rhythm, routine, habit and simplicity as it all remains in one spot, easy to find and keeping things orderly.

Of course, our morning time is likely to change and evolve over time, as it should! We will swap out books, it may linger longer some days/seasons, and maybe we will change up the order as time goes on and we find our natural rhythms. Our goal, is that the morning time basket can be incorporated every day, even if we have an early midwife appointment, or dance class to attend. We want it to be short enough to hold attention, but filled with enough depth to be meaningful. The books and goals are very intentional to build a strong foundation of centering ourselves and our day around our Lord and His Word, as a family. Everything else falls under that.

How do you keep the toddler busy during morning and school time?

He has his own little busy basket! I filled it with things I’ll take out one-by-one for him. You can find all the things HERE. In his basket, I have color recognition cards from Tabitha Paige Art, magnet people, Tabitha Paige magnets on a small baking pan, a Montessori toolkit, wooden animal puzzles I rotate out, and wooden lacing shapes. Each of these things will keep him busy individually for quite a while. We also include a clipboard in the morning basket for him, so that if he decides he wants to color or draw like his sisters, he can absolutely join in. Morning time is casual and laid back, and all things he’s familiar with taking part in… so he doesn’t really need much “distracting” from it aside from some of the read alouds. I keep this basket solely for school time. He only gets to play with these things during the morning school time, otherwise it’s put up, and out of sight so that it remains interesting to him when I need it to be.

What’s in our homeschool morning time basket?

Clipboard for each child (grabbed this set of three from Office Depot, but you can grab from Walmart, or maybe even the dollar store! No need to be fancy here)

Jar of colored pencils solely for morning time (we have another set in the homeschool cabinet for all other times of drawing/coloring… this simply keeps things orderly and efficient)

Notebooks for the girls ($1 from Staples in store)

The Ology

The Jesus Storybook Bible

ESV Bible

Ten Commandments Cards

Not in the basket, but things we incorporate into our mornings:

One Year Bible for Children (my husband reads from this daily, before he goes to work)

The New City Catechism Book (also done with my husband before he heads out)

Scripture memory cards we change out weekly, on our homemade calendar

And not pictured: I have a set of these morning time moments cards we follow for the hymns and more scripture reading. I also have a morning time booklet + student copywork booklet, however I found that it’ll likely be too much for my littles this year along with everything we’re doing that is incorporated from our Playful Pioneers morning time suggestions. I set them aside and plan to use them next year when both of my girls are just a bit older and we’ve already got morning time habits in place.

Our Morning Time Rhythm

Our entire daily rhythm will be in a separate post, but here’s the gist of how our morning time goes (remember, this is flexible, and things can be looped (don’t have to do all the things every single day) especially at younger ages like my children):

  • 6:30 – mom wakes up, gets ready, has tea + reads
  • 6:50 – make breakfast + coffee, calming instrumental music on
  • 7:00 – kids get up, get ready, make beds, empty dishwasher
  • 7:30 – quick devotion and breakfast with dad at the table
  • (we are currently sharing a vehicle, so some days we all hop in the car and take him to work at this time)
  • Home, and start load of laundry
  • 8:45 – morning basket (in living room)
  • – sing hymn
  • – bible memory verse
  • – Jesus Storybook/The Ology
  • – Ten Commandments
  • – poetry/stories
  • – pray
  • SNACK (usually fruit/cheese)
  • That’s it! It isn’t long, but it’s worthwhile. After this, we either leave for their dance class (only once a week), get some wiggles out by going outdoors for a little bit, or dive right into our lessons. Again, I’ll share more on our whole day routine in another post.

We also have these two books that are not Bible related, but the poetry and stories are still wonderful and excellent for widening their knowledge and vocabulary. We include a poem each day, whether at breakfast or during our morning basket. Sing a Song of Seasons was recommended by a precious friend of mine, and it is so beautiful. The animal stories book we’ve had for years, and it’s a favorite, for sure. We do the poetry each day, and some days we swap the animal stories for a library book.



If you have any morning time questions, please ask them on the coinciding Instagram post. I’ll be able to answer there!

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