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We are thrilled to share with you…. we moved!!! Into a 1940’s cottage in the heart of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

I honestly cannot believe it… we did not buy our homestead YET, but after an opportunity came up for a temporary rental house (recommended by our realtor), we decided it would be best for our family as we settle down, get to know the areas around us, and take our time searching.

Truthfully, we were starting to feel pretty cramped. Our RV is gorgeous, it’s spacious for being a camper, and sleeps all of us wonderfully! However, once we decided we were for sure staying in Tulsa, dreams of a garden, chickens, and our kids playing in their own yard, night-weaning baby boy, and hosting our new friends… all these desires kept becoming more and more apparent. It became difficult to feel at “home” living at a campsite versus our friends farm, or as some do — living on our own land. We weren’t traveling anymore, we’re settling down.

This little house presented itself, and when we visited with the realtor, we knew it was perfect. The price was more than right, and the timeline fit our needs (it’s short term, which is the only way we would move into a rental, since we plan to buy by Autumn). We’ve been spending the last week moving into the house — pulling out all the antique fb marketplace finds I’d been hoarding in a storage unit for our future homestead house…

And here we are! We’re settling in. It takes time! But things like area rugs and old, rustic wood sure help make it feel homey. I still have curtains and frames to hang… pots to fill with shrubbery from around the house, books and knick knacks to fill shelves and blankets to fill baskets… but I wanted to share with you all that we have officially moved out of our camper.

When we first set out to sell our home, and live in an RV, the plan was to buy land in Washington. We had no clue we would end up moving half way across the country or that our job situation (sharing details on that SO SOON) would be what it is. The Lord has been SO faithful in directing our steps, providing for our needs, and hearing our prayers.

Timing of ALL THE things, and even just the reality of moving to a rental house (never on our radar), all looks completely different than our plans or ideas, but we have immense peace and gratitude. God has been so kind in giving us peace amidst all the wild transitions that we never anticipated. We’ve pivoted a whole lot, with the same end-goals in mind.

We didn’t plan on moving out of the RV until we were buying, but honestly, we thought we would have purchased by now, haha. Between the market, job things, and BIG GOALS, we’ve decided to wait and take our time. So for now, here’s our adorable little cottage home and although we won’t be here forever, we are thoroughly enjoying feeling more settled. I can’t wait to share more of our little house here! All the rooms are filled with character I adore.

The kids are thoroughly enjoying the backyard, being able to run all throughout the house, the neighborhood is amazing, we have space to spread out and enjoy winter inside… there’s so many blessings we didn’t realize we would love so much. I mean, we loved our house in Washington! We just didn’t want to stay in that location, and also wanted to pursue financial freedom. We had no idea what was actually ahead of us.

We learned abundantly about ourselves, our desires, and about minimizing down to what’s really important during our six months of camper-living. To say we’re grateful for the experience is an understatement! I know many people love the RV life long-term, but since our desire has always been to settle down, not travel, it just made more sense for us to do so in a house. We are incredibly thankful!

Although just about everything in our house is secondhand, antique, and thrifted… we came up short looking for a sofa (the small sixpenny is staying in the RV) that wasn’t thousands of dollars + months of waiting, or just an old one that needed a lot of work… and then we found this couch the DAY that it came back in stock. We LOVE it so much, but will share a better review once we’ve had it for more than just a few days 😉 I paired it with these chairs which we also really love. It all feels like such a timeless setup along with this gorgeous Loloi x Amber Lewis area rug. We landed on the Tobacco/Rust as we felt the browns and greens would tie in all the right tones to create a cozy and inviting space.

Here’s a bonus sneak peek of the kids’ room and ours… I’ll share more about all the spaces so soon. But I don’t want to overwhelm you since this move has been quite the whirlwind! Lots to process. Enjoy the first bits of our new living room, and little peeks at the bedrooms. There’s so much more coming… I am excited to share it all with you!

Thank you for cheering us on, through all the changes this past year. It’s honestly a bit wild just *how much* has changed and will continue as the months go on, but we are getting closer and closer to our dream of owning a homestead and tending to our land with every step, and that alone has us absolutely giddy.

Thanks for joining along our adventures — and settling down 🙂


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