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We have been camper living for six months… wow! I honesty can’t believe it. When we moved out of our house late last Summer, we had never been in an RV before, ever. Living in a trailer and then traveling with it has been QUITE the adventure. We have learned so much about ourselves, about rolling with the punches… so much about having a mindset that’s okay with things always coming up, and then traveling was entirely it’s own learning experience.

Creating a space for all three of our kiddos to enjoy and be comfortable in while RV living was really important to me. I also had to be creative with space for clothes for two girls and a toddler boy, along with toys for all three. The girls each have a top bunk, Rudy has a bottom bunk, and the third bottom bunk spot is just a little play space for them all, but mostly Ru.

Mabel’s bed had a rail already, however we had to install Nora’s side as it wasn’t in use for the previous owners, and we never got to make a rail for her before leaving the PNW. She’s almost 6 and gets up and down with the stool without any issues. At our current campsite, they don’t allow any construction in the campers, so we haven’t been able to make a rail for her. Thankfully it hasn’t been an issue! But eventually we would love to install a matching one.

The green dresser was made by my father-in-love when we were pregnant with Nora (our oldest), and we painted it this sage green several years ago when we lived on the military base. We’ve never changed it, and it shows it’s age and wear, but it is really special to us so I love that we could use it in this space!

The house bookshelf I scored secondhand right after moving to Oklahoma, and the little vintage rocking chair we also scored secondhand for Rudy and he adores it! Our bar stools are also a vintage find. Cannot recommend scouring your local fb marketplace enough! Search for things like “old wood furniture” or “vintage wood chair” etc and save things you like… even if it’s not in your price range, and this will help with the algorithm to show you things you would like!








Overall, I’m so happy with this little space, and the kids love it too! It’s small, but for an RV, it feels really spacious! I often have to go in and switch out the amount of books. We have storage bins down below the RV in an enclosed storage that holds all the rest of their toys. We cycle things out so that it doesn’t get too crowded in here.

Their quilts and the girls’ sheets can be found here.

Rudy’s sheet.

Gingham curtains.

Black curtain rods.

Gold curtain rods.

Many of the kids toys.

Sage / blush rea rug.

Lots of the kids books.

Storage bins are from Gathre.

Floor cushions (floral is OOS, but they have so many other options!)

Feel free to email if you want to know where anything else is from 🙂 or if you have any other questions about their little space. It’s been so fun to create, and I truly love how it’s turned out! RV living as a family of five is tight, but with a lot of creativity and vision… it is TOTALLY possible!

In case you’re not aware of how an RV works, the sides where the bunks are, are called slides or pop-outs. When we travel, those mechanically slide into the room by the push of a button, and then there is about 3-4 feet of space between the bunks, but you cannot open the door when they’re slid in, as the bunks on the side by the door block it. Just thought I’d share for those who may not know or understand how it all works. We didn’t until we lived it!

I hope this is helpful and inspirational! 🙂


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