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Sharing all about our experience with our Home Reserve couch. In full transparency, I was gifted these products in exchange for photography and video work. All thoughts here are completely my own! I do not earn any sort of affiliate commission if you choose to purchase your own HomeReserve furniture. 

We have the Ali model, but customized ours to fit our needs and desired look a bit. We did 4 chair & half pieces (to have wider seats), 1 corner piece, and 2 arms for the sectional (we prefer the wider seats versus the standard width, the depth is the same), and an additional chair & half when we separated the sectional into two couches (we stored the corner piece in case our next house has more space to fit the sectional).

We got the Maltese Flax fabric option, and then ordered an additional set of covers in the Maltese Taupe. I love the lighter beige color, but with Spring and Summer and kids who spend all day outside, the covers got dirtier faster than they did in the Winter. They are totally easy to wash and nothing has stained whatsoever, but I also don’t want to wash weekly, so I’m happy I can swap to the Taupe color in the warmer months when my kids are dirtier, ha!

Their fabrics are family and pet friendly, so we don’t have to baby this couch thankfully. We had multiple linen couches in the past that I absolutely LOVED, but I was definitely a bit weary of stains and such with those. We’ve only had ours for a little over 6 months and have already dealt with pee, crayon, water spills, sticky hands, pencil, and dirt. Liquids are literally repelled and don’t soak in at all, and so far baby wipes have done the trick for the other things many a time.  😂🙈  We have a little green machine too, and all the covers come off and can be machine washed… so truly, not afraid to *live* with this couch, even with the light covers!

I *would* prefer a more natural fiber cover option, and I’m not sure if they have plans to do that or not, but realistically this couch has been a huge blessing to us as we grow, and the fact that they’re very family and pet friendly is also a big win for this season of life. We are thankful and happy with it!

The cushions are a firm, high density foam which is new to us and not as loungey as we are used to, BUT — I never have to fluff or adjust anything. It just always looks nice and clean and put together even with kids literally jumping on it daily. This mama of almost four is very thankful for that. 🧹  The seats are not super deep, but definitely comfortable for any height. Again, just not like a cloud couch or bed-couch.

Within in each seat is built-in storage! Our house is little, and we don’t have cupboards or closets… so to have a place to store games, books, toys, and more, right under our seat is game changer.

Their products are all completely customizable, and you can order fabric swatches ahead of time to be sure you find the right one for you. They even have an option to test out a seat in your home before committing to a full piece with their risk-free trial.

Swapping the corner seat and making it into two couches was so simple. It took a single afternoon, and the whole room was completely transformed. I really appreciate how adaptable these pieces can be as life changes, the furniture can too! If we move into a bigger or differently laid-out home in the future, we can add the corner piece back in and make it into a sectional again, and could either have a matching chair & half, or a bigger sectional… just depending on how we decide to set it up.

You can change your covers anytime. I already mentioned that you can zip them off to wash, but you can also just order new ones if you want to change up the color… so basically like a new couch if you had two sets of covers for the seasons or something. Which we did! I haven’t put the new covers on quite yet, but will soon and will take photos of course. Just overall really impressed, and wanted to share my thoughts in one easy spot.

Overall, we are very pleased with our sectional/couches! They DO take time to put together! They come completely disassembled, and are made right here in the USA, so shipping is fast, and costs are way down because of these things!

I hope it’s helpful if you’ve been looking at this brand, or in the market for a family and budget-friendly option! 🧺

See how and why we split our sectional up, HERE.

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