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Sharing some basic staples we grabbed during a big sale last month from H&M, for the kids. We do a whole lot of hand me downs in our home! I save lots of staples (as well as special pieces) for each size that can be passed from each child, regardless of gender (and of course lots of girl things/dresses and more boy-ish things too). I do my best to keep things organized and labeled clearly in plastic storage bins so that we can save money and get the most use of our clothes. But! Sometimes we hit differing seasons/sizes from child to child and end up needing to supplement a few staples here and there. Plus, our oldest obviously is the first to get new things typically, and then things get passed from her to our next kids.

As we’re entering into a somewhat cooler season, that isn’t quite as chilly as we’re used to in the PNW, I needed just a few extra pieces to round out their Autumn wardrobes. I was amazed at how many amazing finds H&M had this season. From cooler to warmer, they’ve got so many darling options for the littles. I’ll share what we grabbed, and will link a few extras that I have since seen and loved on their site! We specifically really love their “conscious line” as it has mostly organic cotton and other “more sustainable” options and materials.


Ever since Nora (my oldest) was still growing in my womb, I knew I wanted to keep as much of her clothing as gender neutral, simple, and basic as possible. We follow the same for our own adult wardrobes too! If we keep closets and drawers stocked with neutral staples, then it’s really simple to mix and match outfits, much easier to pass down to siblings, and overall just simplifies daily clothing choices by keeping things that can easily pair together. This helps create independence with the kids, and eliminates some major overwhelm that can happen when trying to piece together outfits with a barrage of differing loud, bright, colors and patterns.

Simple, timeless, calming, neutral, basic — we try to stick with things in this realm, and it’s worked well for us for YEARS!


Set of long sleeved tops — these are a nice quality ribbed cotton that’s fairly thick but not *too* warm for those who are still in warm weather like us. Can be either just long sleeved everyday tops, or pjs.

Set of coordinating leggings — matching the tops, I find the sets to be perfect pjs or at-home play sets for the cooler, more relaxed days.

Cotton Knit Set — we don’t have this exact one, but we’ve had similar over the years, and these sets get worn over and over in the cold months.


Tees — loved this set of two ribbed cotton tees for every day. Went for a set of short sleeved since we’re still in warmer months here in the South, and they’ll go with anything; jeans, pinafore dresses, overalls, leggings. A perfect, basic, staple that goes with anything.

Also loving these tops: ONE | TWO | THREE | FOUR | FIVE | SIX | SEVEN

Jeans — these are some of my girls’ favorite jeans ever! They’re super soft, stretchy, and withstand playing hard, really well! Mabel has several being handed down from Nora, so I only had to grab some for Nora this year.

Here are some more jeans we love and have saved or put away already — ONE | TWO | THREE

Overalls are some of our very favorite gender neutral staples from itty bitty and still as they get older 🙂 love these ones too!

Dresses — my girls would LIVE in dresses honestly. They’re considered a staple for the ladies in our home. Here are some of our h&m faves this season: ONE | TWO | THREE | FOUR

Tights — my girls also wear cotton tights all Autumn/Winter long when wearing dresses. They’re thick, warm, and the ribbed texture adds the perfect amount of character to an outfit.

Sweaters, cardigans, jackets — we stick with the gender neutral rule for these! It’s so easy to shop in the boys section (from other stores/thrift shops, not just h&m) for our girls’ sweaters and this has served us so well over the years. All sweaters, cardigans, and outerwear we intentionally choose the most basic/neutral colors so that they can be continually passed down. Sometimes of course we’re gifted with florals or pink. We keep those too 😉 but we generally stick with browns, greens, taupe, beige, creams, denim, etc.

Denim Jacket | Fleece Hoodie | Oversized Cardigan | Zippered Hoodie | Hoodies Set | Fine Knit Cardigan | Rain Jacket | Rain Overalls | Waterproof Pants | Teddy Jacket | Goose Cardigan


Patterened Sets

Ribbed Sets

Waffle Sets

We’ve always loved footie/one piece pajamas for our babies. As they’ve gotten older, we opt for matching sets (and also some nightgowns from elsewhere for the girls). They’re cozy, make for easy changing, and the neutral sets are too cute, honestly. We keep most of them neutral with intentions of being able to be passed down, but sometimes we add in some cute dainty florals or little cars, too 😉 Love that these sets are made with organic cotton!


Undies for the girls.

Undies for boys.


More sneakers.

Waterproof Chelsea Boots.

Socks — ONE | TWO | THREE

Beanies — ONE | TWO | THREE

Reminder, keep it simple! Girls don’t need to have an entire wardrobe of bright pink, patterns galore, and bows on every little thing. Keep their wardrobe simple, then add bows in their hair, ribbons in braids, etc. You can add touches of femininity and not take away from them being little girls, while also being wise with how and where we spend our resources — being intentional to purchase what will last through multiple kids (if that’s your goal/desire).

And same goes with boy clothes… it can all be kept simple. Boys don’t need dinosaurs, footballs, and dragons on every tee they own. Keeping clothes simple, really help prevent overall overwhelm when it comes to getting them dressed (and even laundry!) — stick with stripes, textures like corduroy, knits, and denim, and then add accessories if you’re wanting more character.

Really hope this post helps ya as you navigate simplifying wardrobes, making purchases more intentionally, and overall creating a more cohesive and less-overwhelming wardrobe for your kiddos 🙂

For small shops — We really love Jamie Kay, The Simple Folk, Little Cotton Clothes, Little Cottonwood, Luralu.

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