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Dressing for Spring in motherhood doesn’t have to be complicated. Getting dressed to feel nice, also doesn’t have to be complicated. Preparing our closets for Spring, in motherhood… might just be my favorite thing. Let me tell you why…

Getting back to major basics here, dresses are a woman’s best friend. Flattering, simple, timeless, and made with the right materials and proper length, they can truly be appropriate for any day. Let’s chat about dressing for Spring, in motherhood.



I know… you might think I’m crazy. I promise, when you kick the habit of leggings and oversized tees all day everyday, you’ll see it’s just as comfortable and you might also just *feel* better. Wearing dresses and long skirts have given me freedom, and the feeling of looking nice without extra fuss. And no,  I do not wear dresses or long skirts for religious reasons.

I still rock a boyfriend tee and solid Levi’s with Birkenstocks many days, however, there is just something about feeling feminine and gardening and being barefoot while gardening or playing with the kids, or being in the kitchen. Call me old-fashioned, I won’t be offended 😉

My closet is filled with long dresses, mid-calf dresses, and all of them are breastfeeding, bump, outdoor play, and cleaning-friendly. I don’t have to entirely overhaul my wardrobe anymore for nursing or pregnancy, and the materials aren’t just trendy or short-lived.

Here’s what I look for when I’m dressing for Spring in motherhood:

  1. Buttons or smocked/stretchy bust — Nursing friendly!
  2. Loose fitting and flowy — Room for a potential bump, and room to move with the kiddos
  3. Longer length — Again, this just gives freedom to move, jump, walk, play and of course allots more space for a growing belly
  4. Sustainable materials — Linen! My number one pick for all clothing. It’s breathable, antibacterial, and long-lasting. Thrifted or secondhand.
  5. Flattering body style — more fitted up top, sleeves that have space to move and aren’t restrictive, oversized/A-line bodice.
  6. Patterns and colors that are calming, classic, and won’t go out of style.
  7. BONUS — my girls love any dress that twirls real nicely 😉



Kyra Jane Clothing

I absolutely adore my Aaro Smock dress in Barley Check. I asked for added buttons, which are wooden, so that the dress would be easy for breastfeeding. The length is perfect for daily wear around the house, but I love wearing it out, too! It’s an easy staple dress, I foresee wearing weekly this Spring. Everything in her store is made to order, by hand. Every detail carefully measured and sewn to perfection.

Son de Flor

I have the Classic Dress with Short Sleeves in Seashell White, which is a very pale blush pink. It is such a darling, old-fashioned, flattering dress with high quality linen that twirls perfectly, according to Nora and Mabel.


For six years I’ve been a loyal NPL customer and partner, and my love for their brand and products only grows deeper with time. Beautifully soft linens, all handmade in Lithuania, in such gorgeous color ways and patterns. Everything I’ve gotten from them over the years has been my “favorite” that I wear over and over and over. They can customize anything for you to your body measurements, adding buttons, and more. They’re amazing, and I have many skirts and dresses and jumpsuits from them that I love dearly.

This above is the Smock Dress Volume in Lightweight Linen. I’m just wearing a basic tee underneath.

The dress below is the Loose Sleeveless Mama in Ice Blue, with custom brass snap buttons.

Christy Dawn

I have been swooning over these dresses for years, and finally pulled the trigger during a sale late this Winter. I absolutely adore that they use repurposed and organic fabrics, not allowing anything to go to waste. Their goal is not simply sustainability, but also regenerative farming. Farm-to-closet is their motto. I absolutely adore the two dresses I have, The Dawn & The Brooklynn.


This brand is all about creating dresses for mamas. I’m all for it. Flattering dresses of all kinds for mamas and little girls alike. So flattering, and absolutely love their Kiko Dress. I have it in a few different patterns. The gauze material is so soft and light… perfect for pregnancy, postpartum, and motherhood in general.


My love for this family-run shop runs deep! Two darling families who love Jesus operate this clothing store. They offer monthly, limited edition closet staples, with the whole intention of reducing closet clutter and clothing overwhelm. Everything in their shop is meant to be mixed and matched, and through the different seasons. The dress pictured here is from a past collection, however I grab a thing or two each month drop. Shop Neuflora here 🙂


This brand first offered clothing for littles, and more recently began offering women’s wear too! I love their blouses, dresses, and basics. Their simple, motherhood-friendly and great for around the house. I have their Woven House Shirt, Woven House Dress, and The Market Dress. They’re comfy and great for running errands in, too.

I have loved supporting small, family owned, and ethical, sustainable shops for a long, long time. I stand by the prices being fair, and paying for what you get. Quality over quantity, absolutely. I think that the price you pay for a product, certainly shows and supports the right people. I also fully believe in shopping secondhand and thrifting, too! You can find some truly amazing things shopping secondhand.

I also strongly believe that living within your means is extremely important. I do not want you to read this post and feel like you have to buy every single dress listed — you don’t. I want to share  and hopefully introduce you to amazing brands, great dresses, and maybe inspire you to change things up a bit 🙂 but don’t do so by breaking the bank. One at a time, bit by bit, is a great place to start.


Here are some similar options, and some of the exact items from my closet:


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